Monday, October 8, 2007

one wild weekend!!!

I spent one busy weekend in St. George .
3 days and 6 shoots. I'm exhausted!!
I want to do it again next weekend :)
Thank you to all my St. George clients. I hope to be back soon.

BreannaThis was one sick shoot!! I had no ideas for a location and just started
driving around and found this
random shed on the red hill behind the industrial park. I think I could actually sell
Breanna's photos on ebay and make a killing!!

The Blazzard Family
Here is one good looking family!! Kate is 2 & Drew is 6 months. Kate has a perfect baby doll face and Drew is just sitting up. His little wide eyes just couldn't take everything in fast enough. What a delight to spend the afternoon with them in their breathtaking backyard. Thank you!!

My Boys!!!
Dax & Ty, my sweet nephews. We attempted to get their Christmas
card photos. We ended up doing a lot of jumping
on the tramp and playing with dump trucks.
How appropriate :)

The Dennett Darlings!!!
A pair of twins and 2 sassy little girls makes for an afternoon full of smiles, surprises & posing!! These little girls must watch American Top Model every week,
because they didn't miss a beat. They knew just how to work it.
What amazing looking children!!

The Darling Tebbs Family
Little Kate is 2 and just full of personality. Thursday night she had fallen and gave herself a killer shiner. Not to hard to photoshop out, and in this photo
I managed to get her good side. Thanks so much for letting me take your photos. I had a delightful time with the 3 of you!!


Erika Tebbs said...

Emilie Thay look cute! We are excited for the real deal. Thanks Erika

Jen and Johnny said...

Emilie~ love the pix!! You are so talented!!! Johnny told me you are reading the Twilight series, are you still or did you finish? I finished and am so sad, but looking for another book to start reading, do you have any suggestions?