Monday, March 14, 2011

PhotoShop Tip - PBE Action Set

I recently got this email....
"last night I started using the action sets.  wow!  it is so exciting to see what the difference in my photos!  Makes me want to go back, edit and reprint all my pictures!"

I've created a little video tutorial on all my 
tricks and tips to run and adjust my action set.

My action set includes 4 actions: Color, B and W, Vintage Azure and Soft Color.  It's like having me sit at your computer edit your photos for you :)
You can purchase these 4 actions in my
PBE action set for just $30.


Compatible w/ Photoshop CS. They also come with tutorial on how to apply actions step by step in Elements 7.
(actions do NOT "run" in elements
however, they can be applied step by step.)

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