Monday, May 11, 2009

White Family

Megan, it was so fun to see you & your boys again. I loved hearing about you new Choffee adventure. I am dying to try some. Wanna trade? I'll be in touch with other boutiques & things I am doing. Do you have a place you are advertising/selling online. I would love to put a link on this entry. (For anyone who doesn't know what Choffee is, it's Chocolate bean Coffee - mmmm)

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Meg said...

Hi Em, I LOVE my pictures!! Especially hard to pick! Once again, you are amazing.

My Choffy website is and yes I would love to trade! Make sure people know though that it's NOT coffee, it has no caffeine, and it is very healthy. It has more antioxidants than two cups of blueberries! Anytime you want to come by and try some, give me a call. Can't wait to see you!